Solution #1

Regulatory marking

We support our customers with ultra-precise, enhanced-contrast and machine-readable markings for their products.

Solution #2

Sustainable design

We provide the lowest C-footprint, on-product, high optical contrast brand marking. Our ink-less printing solutions on molded products allow environmentally-aware brands to use recycled materials while providing an attractive design for consumers – without color additives, inks, or labels.

Solution #3


With our product-embedded anticounterfeit solutions, we help our customers lower their legal liability, increase their sales, and boost consumers’ brand trust.

Solution #4

Elegant branding

You can now amaze your customers with butterfly-wings inspired nano-precision high-tech – we help you design breathtaking images in line with your brand esthetics, which are implemented into molded products and packaging with the lowest C-footprint available on the market.